Estate Planning

Building A Legacy For Future Generations

Educating the next generation

We understand our clients’ dreams for the future often span multiple generations. More than any other goals, our clients tell us they want to provide for their children and grandchildren long after they’re gone. But with great resources comes great responsibility. That is why we serve as your partner in educating the next generations of family and business leaders on a wide range of topics, including: financial issues, personal financial management, global markets and the economy, and current and future investment trends.

Our services include the following:

Estate planning

With a goal of making sure your estate plan includes strategies that efficiently and effectively accomplish your personal tax and non-tax objectives, we aim to work with you and your attorney to understand your wishes and create a plan that incorporates the following considerations:

  • Who would you like to inherit your assets?
  • How will you minimize estate taxes?
  • How will you fund potential estate tax liability?
  • Who do you trust to manage your affairs if you cannot?
  • If you passed away, who would care for your children?


Wills, trusts, power of attorneys, health care directives

We work with your attorney to identify the legal documents necessary to help ensure your estate is managed according to your wishes, and more importantly, that your loved ones are provided for.


As we develop your wealth transfer strategy, we maintain a particular focus on helping you navigate the estate tax system, incorporating both federal and state considerations to help ensure a tax-efficient transfer of wealth to your loved ones.