P&G Retirement Services

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P&G Retirement Services

To serve the Procter & Gamble community, we have knowledge and an understanding of the P&G retirement plan. We’ve developed an investment strategy that is customizable to the specific investment goals of P&G employees and retirees.

Patrick Richter, CFP ®, leads the RiverPoint P&G Retirement Services team and has experience advising the Procter & Gamble community. While working for his previous employer, J.P. Morgan, he worked side-by-side with J.P. Morgan’s Retirement Plan Services Group, the custodian of P&G’s Profit Sharing Trust (PST) and Savings Plan. He has experience with:

  • PST & Savings Plan
  • Qualified Lump Sum Distribution (QLSD)

A partner like RiverPoint can consider and analyze appropriate alternatives and aid you in selecting a path that is right for you.

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The years leading up to retirement are critical from an investment and planning perspective; retirees cannot undo a distribution strategy once implemented. The following items need to be built in to a retiree's customized plan:

  • Tax bracket
  • Income needs
  • Estate planning considerations
  • Risk tolerance
  • Charitable plans
  • Many other factors 

Having a partner in this process like RiverPoint can give you the peace of mind that you have properly considered and analyzed all the appropriate alternatives and have chosen a path that is right for you.

Financial & Investment Planning is not a product; it is an ongoing process between RiverPoint and you. This philosophy is the foundation of our Wealth Management Business.

Once your plan is developed, we will:

  1. Implement your customized investment strategy
  2. Work side-by-side with you and your family
  3. Monitoring your portfolio and financial plan
  4. Work closely with your other professional advisors to make sure your investment goals, tax strategies and estate plans are part of one coordinated effort.

Our objective is to provide you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your retirement years.

The Procter & Gamble section of our website is designed to be informative and interactive with a goal of providing education and to help answer important question all P&G retirees face. It contains:

  1. An FAQ section capturing many questions asked by both employees and retirees of Procter & Gamble.
  2. “learn more” section where you can sign-up for monthly market commentary and future P&G retirement seminars.
  3. A forum to ask our P&G team a questions.